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Our Fab Story


Raised amidst the buzz of a salon, mentored by her mother in Detroit's and Atlanta's finest stylists, Kendra Crittenden, a 2nd generation stylist epitomizes chic elegance. The Owner & Operator of Shear Eden Luxury Hair Co., she boasts over two decades of immersion in the beauty realm, seamlessly blending fashion-forward vision with a heartwarming personality. A passionate advocate for holistic beauty and all things luxury. Kendra thrives on empowering her clients, ensuring they radiate confidence inside and out.


In 2012, shortly after graduation Kendra and dozens of stylists entered a highly competitive competition at the Bronner Brothers International hair show.  Kendra's unmatched flair,  skill, and knowledge propelled her to 3rd place. She used that moment to learn and network to build the foundation for what has been a great career. She has further adorned her repertoire by serving as a platform artist for BKB Consultants and Lawrence Ray Concepts domestically and internationally.


Described aptly as 'perfection,' Kendra is ceaseless in her pursuit of excellence. From orchestrating trade show performances to personalizing styles for her esteemed clients, her dedication is unwavering. Renowned for her expertise in Luxury Extensions,  Ceramic Fusion, Custom Color, and Precision Cut. Kendra is your go-to for an unparalleled beauty transformation.

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